Vincent The Show

Vincent is a brand new dance theatre work by emerging company L J Projects that explores the man behind the brush. Vincent Van Gogh had a brother, Theo, and a series of intense mental health issues ranging from a bi-polar personality, depression, anxiety and schizophrenia. Vincent explores the relationship between the brothers and Vincent’s inner mind – his muse or Psyche. A brilliant production of world class quality, showcasing some of Australia’s best young dancers, choreographer Melissa Lanham takes audiences on a journey inside the mind of one of the worlds most prolific and mysterious painters. A stunning set, original and haunting score and beautifully balanced production elements bring this story to life before your eyes.

★★★★★ – Adelaide Theatre Guide
★★★★★ – This is Radelaide
★★★★½ – The Clothesline
★★★★½ – Rip It Up
★★★½ – The Advertiser
9.0/10 – TREv Online

“Successfully delivers a magical feast for the senses”

“Do your self a favour and treat yourself to this visually captivating and expertly executed performance.”

“Beautifully conceived, superbly designed and immaculately performed, Vincent is a highly polished triumph”

“This is dance theatre of the first of the first order and should not be missed”

“Melissa Lanham has created some of the most beautiful, fluid and potent movement this reviewer has seen in a long time”

“If you want to witness the fusing of heart, passion, an incredible score, an amazing set, wonderful choreography and committed dancers – go and see Vincent!”

“Rich with emotion, inspiring music and a gorgeous set, this is a very professional and engaging show”

“A thrilling, masterful and thoroughly impressive work of contemporary dance.”

Vincent 2016 Premiere on Vimeo.